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At the start of each year, Mrs. Butz will explain what Student Council is to all the 5th grade homerooms.  They will then have an election within each homeroom for one SC Rep (for a total of 5).  The 6-8th graders will get a petition from the MS Office to run.  Those need to be completed with student signatures and a personal essay.  If there are more than 6 students running in each grade, there will be a classroom vote to determine the 6 Reps.

SC Officer elections will come after the first SC meeting.  The process is similar, Mrs. Butz will explain it to all of the 8th grade Reps.


PDF DocumentKroger Card Fundraiser - Help the Student Council out with this easy fundraiser!

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PDF Document5-17-22 Agenda

Word Document3-12-21 Agenda

Word Document1-22-21 Agenda

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