Online Registration

Online Registration LInk young 5 and kindergarden

Individual Fillable/Printable Registration Forms (Grades 1 through Grade 12)

PDF Document1.  Registration Information Page (Required)
PDF Document2.  Residency Questionnaire (Required)
PDF Document3.  Home Language & Opt In Form (Required)
PDF Document4.  Consent for Disclosure of Immunization Information (Required)
PDF Document5.  Affidavit of Residency (Required for Residents)
PDF Document6.  Concussion Awareness Form (Required)
PDF Document7.  Records Request (Required)

Additional Individual Required Fillable/Printable Registration Forms (Young 5's and Kindergarten Only)

PDF Document  8.  Health Appraisal – 2 Pages (Required)
PDF Document  9.  Kindergarten Resident Map (Required for Residents)
PDF Document10.  Kindergarten Babysitter Map – 2 Pages (If Applicable)
PDF Document11.  Preschool Questionnaire for Incoming Young 5’s & Kindergarten Students (Required)
PDF Document12.  Kindergarten Waiver (Required)