October 7, 2022

10-06-2022 Curriculum Council Meeting Minutes

2022-2023 Ida Curriculum Council Minutes

Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022 8:15-10:15 a.m. 

Middle School Library


Staff and Community Representatives Present:

*Elementary School: Mitchell Graves

*Elementary Parent Representative: Sara Batson

*Middle School: Audrey Hamm, Ann Capling, Amy LaVigne-Benore

*Middle School Parent Representative: Renae Jones

*High School: Meg Alexander, Kelly Riley

*High School Parent Representative: Andrea Allen

*Administrators: Lucy Becker, Allison Bondie, Dave Eack, Chuck Fuller, Stacy Maynard

*Board Member: Jamie Hunter

*Chairperson: Sarah Ash


 Ida Curriculum Council Minutes for October 6, 2022  


1.  District  

  • The purpose of Curriculum Council along with the curriculum process was shared and reviewed.
  • A MICIP/Strategic Plan update was given. Ida Schools will be starting a strategic plan process within the year, this will then guide our district and school improvement plans. There is a district level goal in the MICIP platform at this time.
  • Jean Foster is hosting monthly brainstorm meetings to network with PE/Health teachers. The next one is scheduled for October 25th at 3pm via Zoom. Please contact Jean Foster from the ISD for the virtual meeting link if you are interested.


2.  K-12 Communications: High School Topics

  • Leadership update was given by Meg Alexander. The year is off to a busy start with students in various groups based on initiatives such as service, school engagement/spirit, and SPLT. Students have been creating and hanging posters for positivity and mental health around the school. More ideas and activities are being planned and will be implemented throughout the year.
  • Curriculum/Assessment Changes/Needs and/or Updates
    • Delta Math has been renewed fr the math department
    • Kuta Software - Ryan Kisonas is handling the update of this software for math teachers.
  • Mental Health Roundtable has an upcoming meeting on November 3rd at the ISD. Counselors will attend if able to do so.
  • HSSIT (MTSS) – Staff meetings have been revamped to allow for additional grade level collaboration time. Teams meet to review data monthly.
  • CTE Courses – Sarah Ash is applying for CTE program approval for agriculture, welding, and teacher cadet courses. The agriculture and teacher cadet courses are new to Ida this year.
  • October is College Month; counselors are working with students to apply to various colleges and complete their FAFSA forms. Locker signs are being put on student lockers and workshops are being held to assist students with college applications.
  • Just Build It field trip to EMU which focuses on the trades is coming up.  


3.   K-12 Communications: Middle School Topics

  • Curriculum/Assessment Changes/Needs and/or Updates
    • The One and Only Ivan novel request was reviewed for 5th grade. This book would supplement the Wonders Reading Curriculum. The proposal passed with all in favor. 35 copies of the book will be purchased.
    • Insignificant Events in the Life f a Cactus novel request was reviewed for 5th grade. This book would supplement the current novels used in ELA classes. The proposal passed with all in favor. 35 copies of the book will be purchased.
    • The Golden Goblet novel request was reviewed for 7th grade Social Studies. This book would expand the learning following the Ancient Egypt unit. The proposal passed with a majority in favor. 35 copies of the book will be purchased.
    • Coding Wonder Robots request was shared. Three additional robots were requested due to the larger 5th grade class size, all agreed t move forward with this purchase to enhance the STEM/robotics content. A suggestion was made to continue this instruction at the high school level.
  • MTSS – Staff meetings have been altered to allow for grade level collaboration and MTSS data review time. Department teams will also plan to get ½ day subs to continue to meet throughout the year. Feedback on this format will be shared out later in the year.


4.  K-12 Communications: Elementary School Topics

  • Curriculum/Assessment Changes/Needs and/or Updates
    • Additional materials have been ordered as needed due to additional class sections
    • New teacher edition Big Ideas manuals have arrived. These were provided free of charge as the new workbooks had some updated graphics added.
    • Science committee has been reviewing various programs to pilot and/or adopt for the 2023-2024 school year. The group has narrowed down the search to two programs which will be shared with the staff on November 1st.
  • 3rd Grade Reading Law Compliance Letter was sent home to all students on September 30th
  • IRIPs will be going home on October 12th – generally the IRIP process in Infinite Campus has gone well this year. This should make it easier for teachers to complete in the future.
  • MTSS monthly meetings have begun, and the team has been reviewing data and tiered services. An additional monthly meeting will be added this year and teachers will be provided a sub so they can join the meeting to provide input about student performance.
  • Staff meetings have been modified to allow for grade level collaboration revolving around writing for the year. Grade levels will dig deeper into the rubrics and continue to develop student samples.
  • The building has moved to using Dolch words as the main sight word list for students to learn and use. Grade levels were not consistent with the list used which made it challenging to accurately assess student progress as students progressed to the next grade level.


5.  Technology Updates 

  • Technology Committee update was shared by Stacy Maynard. There will be a meeting later in October to discuss topics such as new software, BenQ Boards, laptops, and other building needs.


6.  Parent Group Report

  • Parent Group update was shared by Sara Batson and Renae Jones. Many special events are coming up such as a Trunk or Treat, Book Fair, and Santa Workshop/craft show. Students will also have an opportunity to make cards for the military families of Monroe County for the upcoming holiday season. The PTA is working with Stacy Maynard on bringing Therapy Dogs International into the school as a reward for students; more information to come.


7.  Upcoming Student Events

  • Manufacturing Day is today for 8th grade students
  • SAT/PSAT Prep is coming in January/February. There are some recorded sessions and materials available for student use from the sessions held last year.
  • MathCounts registrations is open. Audrey Hamm is looking for another co-coach to help with this team.
  • Quiz Bowl in-person competitions have resumed for this year. Dates of the in-person tournaments are listed below. Coaches are needed for various grade levels, please contact Sarah Ash if you are interested in coaching.
    • High School Tournament-Monday, February 27th
    • 5th Grade Tournament-Tuesday, February 28th
    • 6th Grade Tournament-Wednesday, March 1st
    • 8th Grade Tournament-Thursday, March 2nd
    • 7th Grade Tournament-Friday, March 3rd  


8. Assessment Updates

  • NWEA/STAR Reading, K-8 – fall testing is finished, fall data was shared with the group.
  • Spring state testing data was shared and reviewed with the group. Building level teams looked at data, trends, and shared findings with the whole group.
  • High School Testing:
    • Octber 12th-interested 10th-11th grade students will take the PSAT/NMSQT


9. Professional Development Opportunities

  • Comments/feedback from August 30th and 31st PD – teachers enjoy flexibility and the ability to have choices
  • SCECHs have been submitted and teachers should have received an e-mail notifying them of the survey that has to be taken
  • Next PD Day is Tuesday, November 1st – Tentative topics include curriculum alignment, possibly advanced BenQ training, grade level MTSS, and a seclusion and restraint webinar
  • Educational Technology Group - next meeting will be on Thursday, October 13th from 4-6:00 p.m. at the ISD with dinner provided
  • Fall 2022 Continuous Improvement Conference – October 18th from 8:00-3:30 p.m.
  • Google Certified Educator Training, Level 1 – Wednesday, October 19th from 8:30-3pm and Level 2 – Thursday, October 20th from 8:30-3pm
  • MCTM State Mathematics Education Conference – October 22nd, virtual
  • HIV training October 24th, 10am-12pm via Zoom
  • CS for Michigan 2022-November 3rd-4th in Grand Rapids
  • Reaching All Learners Together – virtual keynote November 14th, 4pm and then virtual breakouts November 14th-December 2nd
  • MiMTSS Conference – November 29-30th in Lansing; virtual conference December 14th
  • How to Learn Math for Students, virtual free training from Stanford
  • How to Learn Math for Teachers, virtual, 8 sessions for a total of 16-24 hours
  • Always available: EduPaths and Michigan Virtual online professional learning. https://www.edupaths.org. www.michiganvirtual.org.  Free, self-paced courses, SCECHs are available for most courses


10. Future Meetings

  • Next meeting December 1, 2022-8:15am in the Middle School Library.


*** For all ISD PD register on the ISD course where/wisdomwhere site:



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