June 20, 2022

Curriculum Council Minutes 05/26/22

2021-2022 Ida Curriculum Council Minutes

Thursday, May 26, 2022 8:15-10:15 a.m. 

High School, Room 103


Staff and Community Representatives Present:

*Elementary School:

*Elementary Parent Representative:

*Middle School: Audrey Hamm, Ann Capling, Amy LaVigne-Benore, Holly Lindsay

*Middle School Parent Representative: Renae Jones

*High School: Gabe Giarmo, Caitlin Ryan

*High School Parent Representative:

*Administrators: Chuck Fuller, Stacy Maynard


*Board Member: Jamie Hunter

*Chairperson: Sarah Ash


 Ida Curriculum Council Minutes for May 26, 2022  


1.  District  

  • Summer learning program (K-8th grade) is being offered in person two days per week with additional reading assignments and workbooks for students to work on outside of the program. Middle school program will focus on core areas that students did not do well in.
  • MICIP Continuous Improvement will have a district goal in the system to fulfill the state requirement. Once strategic planning is done additional goals will be added. The Elementary School also has a Title 1 Program Evaluation component to complete.


2.  K-12 Communications: High School Topics

  • Leadership update was given by Gabe Giarmo. The classes are wrapping up their initiatives from this year. Students planned a mock accident which went well and brought awareness to the reality of serious situations.
  • Curriculum/Assessment Changes/Needs and/or Updates
    • Fine Arts curse proposal was reviewed and discussed with Holly Lindsay present to answer questions. This course would provide another opportunity for students interested in fine arts to take an elective without the performance component. A vote was taken, and the proposal passed with 9 people in favor and 0 rejections. Depending on the schedule and student interest the course may be offered in the fall of 2022.
    • Michigan Cares Social Emotional Update was given by Caitlin Ryan and Gabe Giarmo. The social emotional team has reviewed some of the lessons provided by Michigan Cares and planned to implement some this spring but was unable to do so. The team would like to continue moving forward with this pilot and possible lesson implementation in the fall. Parents will still be notified of the instruction and able to view the content prior to the lessons.
    • History of Sports course proposal was reviewed and discussed. This course would provide another history elective for students who already have the social studies graduation requirements met. The course would be for 10-12th grade students spanning ever one semester. It could fulfill the other semester that a student does not have a team sports course. There is a need and interest for this course. A vote was taken and the proposal passed with 9 people in favor and 0 rejections. Depending on the schedule and student interest the course may be offered in the fall of 2022.
    • Agriculture curse proposal was reviewed and discussed. Further details regarding the agriculture course, the desired CTE track, and costs of supplies and curriculum will be shared once the teacher is in place. A vote was taken and the proposal passed with 9 people in favor and 0 rejections.
    • Digital media curse will again be offered in the fall as an art elective. This course was previously approved by Curriculum Council.
  • Counselors have been scheduling students and it has been going very well with Infinite Campus. This system is much easier than E-School.
  • Decision Day is on Friday, May 27th as a school wide assembly
  • Many senior events will be happening in the next few weeks. Honors Night, Senior Parade, and Graduation are just a few of the special events.


3.   K-12 Communications: Middle School Topics

  • Curriculum/Assessment Changes/Needs and/or Updates
    • English Novel Proposals were reviewed – 8th grade would like to add Refugee by Alan Gratz t their list of literature. A discussion about the book was held and a vote taken, the adoption passed with 9 people in favor and 0 rejections. The book will be ordered for the 2022-2023 school year.
    • English Novel Proposals for Resource Room – Proposals were reviewed for A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen, Scholed by Grdon Korman, and The Barn by Avi. All boks would be added to the special education rotation so students do not have to re-read books if they are in the Resource Room for four years. A discussion was held and a vote taken, the adoption passed with 9 people in favor and 0 rejections. The books will be ordered for the 2022-2023 school year.
    • Amplify Science post-pilot feedback and recommendation was reviewed. The program is much different than the previous textbooks, it is aligned to the NGSS standards, requires students to think about solutions, includes writing which students have improved in, and it is a switch from just memorizing information for assessments. The teachers piloting the program would like to move forward with an adoption. Various license pricing was reviewed and it was decided to ask about extension pricing after 3 years or if this is not available to proceed with a 6 year adoption. A vote was taken and 9 people were in favor and 0 rejections.
  • HIV and AIDS instruction was on May 12th for 8th grade students during science class
  • Many special events have been taking place and are coming up such as the awards breakfast, spirit

     week, and Field Day.

  • Department meetings are taking place when possible.
  • MTSS student concerns are being reviewed.


4.  K-12 Communications: Elementary School Topics

  • Curriculum/Assessment Changes/Needs and/or Updates
    • Big Ideas math post-pilot feedback and recommendation was reviewed. The program has been piloted in K-5th grade fr 2 years due to the pandemic. Many webinars, check ins, and professional development sessions have taken place regarding the program. Positive growth has been made on both local NWEA and state M-Step assessments. The program has a lot of story problems imbedded and on homework pages there is a QR code for parents or students to scan to watch a video or receive extra help. The elementary staff took a vote on the program and all were in favor of moving forward with an adoption. It was noted the program is not perfect and could add additional online resources and improve some components such as their games. A vote was taken and 9 were in favor and 0 rejections to move forward with a 6 year adoption. This adoption will include student workbooks and the online program for the entire duration of the adoption.
    • Michigan Cares Social Emotional recommendation was discussed. Mackay Wickenheiser has been using this program with students during the second semester when doing classroom lessons. She noted she likes the common language that she can use and students understand it, the program is easy to use, accessible, and versatile. She would like to continue using the program next year and incorporate more role playing. The group agreed and the program can continue to be used as it is an approved and funded state program.
    • Science program/STEM Lab – The science team and STEM teacher met to review STEM lab content being taught and our current science program. Our current program expired in 2020 but the company has not removed our online access. The group will be reviewing possible science programs that are aligned to the NGSS standards over the summer and next year with a possible pilot during the school year and adoption possible for the 2022-2023 school year. Samples have been requested and are starting to arrive.
  • 3rd Grade Reading Bill – End of year IRIPs will be sent home and filed in CA60s. Data will be reported. IRIPs will be in Infinite Campus next year with PD provided to teachers at the beginning of the school year.
  • HIV instruction for 4th grade was presented on March 11th and maturation on April 22nd.
  • Lots of special events taking place and countdowns happening until summer.
  • Walking field trips have been going out to the library and fire hall.
  • Field Day is coming up.


5.  Technology Updates 

  • Technology Committee Updates
    • Met n May 24th and will have anther meeting on June 7th – the group is discussing the need for universal technology (projectors, smart boards, teacher PCs, etc.)
    • There is a need fr additional Infinite Campus training on the possibilities of the program
    • Stacy Maynard and Ryan Kisonas are also previewing various management systems to help with visitors who come to the buildings and also a way for teachers to see what students are doing on their Chromebooks during class time from one central location. More will be shared in the coming weeks.


6.  Parent Group Report

  • Ida Public Schools, Parent Groups –
    • Last BOGO Book Fair at the elementary school was a success
    • PTA has been busy with end of year activities
    • Taco Bar was provided to the elementary staff for lunch
    • Whole Apple Award celebration took place for Mrs. Kamprath’s class


7.  Upcoming Student Events

  • Quiz Bowl – Season wrapped up this week. The students did not prefer the virtual format and many matches were canceled.
  • Young Authors Event took place in April, Madeline Kerfoot took 3rd place in the narrative writing category.
  • Spelling Bee was held on May 10th – Rylee Schoolcraft won the Spelling Bee for the 5th/6th grade level, Payton Welch placed 12th in the 5th/6th grade competition. Sidney Roderick took 3rd place and Elizabeth Rosas took 4th place in the 7th/8th grade competition.
  • County Fine Arts Festival took place earlier this month, great performances were put on by students throughout the county. Chris Bennett led the drumline.


8. Assessment Updates

  • Spring 2022 Testing window is closed. Preliminary results are coming back for M-Step and students are able to access their PSAT or SAT scores through their College Board account.
  • NWEA and STAR testing is wrapping up for kindergarten-8th grade students
  • Spring 2023 testing calendar has been released. It is very similar to the calendar from this year.


9. Professional Development Opportunities

  • If you have any PD ideas for the 2022-2023 school year, please share them with Sarah Ash. Post-PD surveys are being reviewed for potential topics of interest. Topics such as co-teaching, stop the bleed, sensitivity to student needs, and social emotional training for teachers was also shared.
  • MiSHCA (Michigan School Health Coordinators Association) – June 20-21st, Great Wolf Lodge
  • LETRS Training Opportunity
  • EdTech on the River Raisin – August 16, 2022 – 8:30-3 pm
  • VanBuren ISD Mix and Mingle Virtual Conference – August 24th, $15 to attend. Renew, Reignite, Reinvent and Reconnect
  • MiMTSS Conference – Virtual, free conference on December 14, 2022
  • Always available: EduPaths and Michigan Virtual online professional learning. https://www.edupaths.org. www.michiganvirtual.org.  Free, self-paced courses, SCECHs are available for most courses


10. Future Meetings

  • Meeting schedule day/time for the 2022-2023 school year will be reviewed in August. A survey will come out and then a tentative schedule will be developed.


*** For all ISD PD register on the ISD course where/wisdomwhere site:



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