Learning Plans

Elementary School                                                     

MTSS Reading

Learning Plan: Reading Syllabus


Learning Plan: Math Syllabus

Young 5 Kindergarten

Learning Plan: Young 5's Syllabus


Learning Plan: Kindergarten Syllabus


1st Grade

Learning Plans: 1st Grade Syllabus

2nd Grade

         Learning Plans: 2nd Grade Syllabus

3rd Grade

Learning Plans: 3rd Grade Syllabus

4th Grade

Learning Plans: 4th Grade Syllabus

Resource Room

Learning Plans: Resource Rm Syllabus

Speech and Language

Learning Plans: Speech Syllabus


Learning Plans: Art Syllabus


Learning Plans: Music Syllabus

Physical Education

Learning Plans: Physical Education Syllabus

Computer Lab

Learning Plans: Computer Lab Syllabus

Science Lab

Learning Plans: Science Lab Syllabus


High School

Giovannone-  Open house Meet the Teacher
                          Algebra 2 Syllabus
                          Math  Lab Syllabus
                           Tech Syllabus
                           Test Prep Syllabus

Potter-  Forensic Syllabus
               Biology Syllabus


Gemmel-  Virtual Open House Information


Durbin-  Open House Introduction
                Spanish 1 and 2 Syllabus


Hogston-  English 1 3rd Hour Open House
                   English 2 Open House
                   Yearbook Open House


Lorenz-  English 9/10 Syllabus
                English 11/12 Syllabus


Reaume-  English 4 Syllabus
                   Honors English 4 Syllabus
                   Senior Seminar Syllabus
                   Basic English 4 Syllabus
                   Open House


Leonard-  American History Syllabus
                   Basic American History Syllabus
                   English 1 Syllabus


Cole/Thomson- Introduction
                             Resource Rm Algebra 1 Syllabus
                             Resource Rm Alegbra 2 Syllabus
                             Resource Rm Consumers Math Syllabus
                             Resource Rm Geometry Syllabus


Billau-   Advanced Art Syllabus
               Art 1 Syllabus
               Ceramics Syllabus
               Fiber Arts Syllabus
               Skills Seminar Syllabus


Bennett- HS  Band Syllabus


Janes-  History of Rock and Roll Syllabus
             World History Syllabus
             Current Events


Bolster-  Carpentry Syllabus
                 General Woods Syllabus
                 Small Engines Syllabus
                 Work Experience Syllabus


Morelli-  Open House and New Student Info


Benware-  Geometry Syllabus
                    Honors Geometry Syllabus
                    Pre-Calculus Syllabus


Gross-  Open House


Laroy-  Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus
              Chemistry Syllabus


Giarmo-  Health Education Syllabus


Shepherd-  Physical Education Syllabus


Chovan-  English 3 Syllabus
                  Honors English 1 Syllabus


Rathke-   Calculus Syllabus
                 Physics 1 Syllabus
                 Physics 2 Syllabus
                 Team Taught Physics Syllabus