IHS Scholarship List

Toledo Community Foundation Scholarship

Toledo Community Foundation Scholarships


Toledo Community Foundation Scholarship Opportunities 

Through the generosity of many individuals, families and businesses, scholarships are awarded on an annual basis from philanthropic funds which have been established with Toledo Community Foundation. These awards assist local students in their pursuit of higher education.

Toledo Community Foundation manages more than 200 scholarship funds. Although we offer scholarships from more than 200 individual funds, those listed below represent only the scholarships for which Toledo Community Foundation is the contact for making application.  Other scholarships offered through the Foundation are administered at the school level, so be sure to check with your guidance counselor/college advisor to see if there are any other scholarships available to you through your high school. 

All applications must be made online with the exception of the BCSN Scholar of the Month (which is handled at the school level and submitted by the Guidance Counselors). It is important for applicants to plan ahead, as attachments to the online applications need to be a part of the application at the time of submission. No hard copies will be accepted. Applications, including all required attachments, must be received by midnight of the application deadline date in order to be considered.  Application due dates are provided with each individual scholarship (named below).

To qualify for a scholarship from Toledo Community Foundation, the school you attend must be an accredited nonprofit institution.  

If you are a finalist for a scholarship that has financial need as a consideration and are invited to interview with the Scholarship Advisory Committee, you are asked to complete a Scholarship Interviewee Budget Form for your college of choice. This form will provide your total financial picture and aid the Committee in their decision. Please bring the completed form with you to your interview. 

Are you a Toledo Community Foundation scholarship recipient, and looking for information about reporting requirements or how to renew your scholarship?  Click here.

Fillable PDF forms for scholarship recipients:  

Educational Institution Contact Form - Spring (for those notified of their scholarships in March-May)
Educational Institution Contact Form - Owens Corning Employees (US and Outside US except Mexico)
Educational Institution Contact Form - Owens Corning Employees Mexico Only
Educational Institution Contact Form - Summer (for those notified of their scholarships in June-July)


Questions can be directed to: Toni Shoola, TCF Scholarship Officer, via email or call 419.241.5049.


American Legion Multiple Scholarships $200-$20,000 Due: Varies

Michigan Legion Scholarships


Are you looking for money for college?

The American Legion, Department of Michigan provides opportunities for high school students to apply for scholarships or prize money for college through the programs we offer.  Awards vary by program and qualifications.

Are you the descendant of an American war-time era Veteran?

$500 Award

William D. & Jewell Brewer Scholarship – available to only Michigan residents who are high school seniors or college students – without a bachelors degree, who are a son, daughter,  grandchild or great-grandchild of a war-time veteran planning to or are attending any nationally accredited college or university or trade school. Selection is based on a student’s G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher, financial need, parent’s or grandparent’s honorable active war-time military service, goals and intentions.  Scholarships are $500 and non-renewable.

To apply for the Brewer Scholarship click here

$500 Award

Guy M. Wilson Scholarship – available to only Michigan residents who are high school seniors and are a son, daughter, grandchild or great-grandchild of a war-time veteran planning to or are attending any Michigan accredited college or university or trade school. Selection is based on a student’s G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher, financial need, parent’s or grandparent’s honorable active war-time military service, goals and intentions.  Scholarships are $500 and non-renewable.

To apply for the Guy M. Wilson Scholarship click here.

Up to $20,000

Samsung Boys/Girls State Scholarship – Scholarship applications are restricted to high school juniors who attend the current session of either The American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program and are a direct descendant – i.e. child, grandchild, great grandchild, etc. – or a legally adopted child of a wartime U.S. military veteran who served on active duty during at least one of the periods of war officially designated as eligibility dates for American Legion membership.

For more information on the Samsung American Legion Scholarship click here

To learn about attending Boys State click here and to learn about Girls State click here

Scholarships available to any participant of these programs. 

American Legion Baseball Scholarships.  If you play on an American Legion Baseball team in Michigan see the our baseball page here for two available scholarships.

To apply for the Robert Turner Scholarship click here.

$800 up to $18,000 possible for Oratorical Contest

Oratorical Contest Scholarships– The American Legion Oratorical Contest contestants compete at the department level for  $1500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $800 for third place with scholarships.  The first place winner will advance to the national contest for an opportunity to win $14,000, $16,000, or $18,000 in scholarship money.  Learn more about our oratorical contest here.

Register by November 20, 2018 to compete in the contest click here.

$500 to $1,000

Student Trooper/Youth Cadet Law Enforcement – Four participants of the American Legion, Department of Michigan student trooper program will be selected by the instructors of the program in four areas.  To learn more about the Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program click here.  Awards are given for the following:

Student Trooper of the Year – $1,000
Class Orator – $500
Academic Award – $500
Marksmanship Award – $500

To apply for the Student Trooper/Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program click here.

$1,000 to $10,000 for qualifying Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout Scholarship – Boy scouts who are members of an American Legion, Department of Michigan post troop and have obtained the level of eagle scout or are the descendant of American Legion member may apply.  The winner at the department level receives a $1,000 scholarship and is advanced to the national level for consideration for Eagle Scout of the Year and a $10,000 scholarship.  See the scouting page for more details.

Misc Scholarships

The following scholarships were submitted to the high school. 

Pureland Supply Vocational and Skilled Trade Scholarship  Due: 6-1-2019       $1,000

Projectorlamps.com Entrepreneurial Scholarship                  Due: 6-1-2019      $1,000 

A-1 Auto Transport Scholarship                                                 Due: 03-10-2019  $1,000    

Scholarship for Working Students                                            Due: 04-15-2019   $1,000  

https://phentermineclinics.net/scholarship/                          Due: 12-31-19       $1,000

2019 Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice Scholarship Due 5-31-19          $750

Mike Rowe Works Scholarship                                                   Due 3-28-19          Varies 

Caring.com  Scholarships                                                              Varies                  Varies      

Wikijob Student Scholarship                                                      Due: 8-31-19         $500

The Heer Law Entrepreneurship Scholarship                         Due 12-31-2019   $2,000

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship                                                                    $2,500

Practice Reasoning Scholarship                                               Due 8-31-19          $1,000

Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accident Injury Scholarship          Due 12-15-2019   $1,000


Zip Recruiter Scholarship  Due: 6-30-18     $3,000

Blacknote Scholarship       Due: 7-31-18     $2,000

OPPU Achievers                  Due: 6-30-18     $2,500

Educator Scholarship         Due: 8-31-18     $2,400

Redfin Scholarship             Due 7-31-18       $2,500

Fire-Free Speech Essay Contest 11th & 12th Grades             Due 12-31-2018 $10,000

CrazyGames $1,500 Worldwide Student Scholarship            Due: 12-31-2018  $1,500

OpenWater Scholarship                                                              Due: 12-31-2018  $1,500

WACE National CO-OP Scholarship Program                          Due:  11-15-2018 thru 2-15-2019

Flavorable Futures                                                                       Due 2-15-19          $5,000

We the Students Essay Contest                                                 Due: 02-15-2019   $20,000

LAFCU Write to Educate Essay Contest Due: 3-31-2019 $2,500

The scholarship is only open to students who are attending Lansing Community College or Baker College. 

Link to website  here

Kelsey's Law Scholarship $2,000 Due: 8-31-19

Ida Only Sharon A. Yovanov Softball Memorial Softball Scholarship Due: 5-17-2019

Sharon A. Yovanov Softball Memorial Softball Scholarship

Application Here

Due; Friday, May 17, 2019, to the high school office by 3:30.